Dennise: Milton On, Basement Walls & Headers


This was a great experience from beginning to end! I had first contacted Joe back in May of this year for a quote to spray foam our ceiling joists. He was very professional, prompt and courteous with our email exchanges.


We were debating on proceeding with spray foaming only our ceiling joists and then installing Roxul R-22 for the walls. Once we priced it all out, the spray foam for ceiling joists and walls versus the Roxul/vapour barrier installation for the walls, it was very reasonably priced to have Joe spray foam with the Polar Foam 7300-0 for both the ceiling joists and the walls. We went with an R-20 (3.33") thickness too.


He was also very helpful and provided a lot of information in order to convince the Town Inspector that this product did not require a vapour barrier overtop. Thankfully, the Inspector was very impressed with the product as well as his method of application and we passed the inspection!


We HIGHLY recommend Joe and his team! The basement feels very warm and draft free. Thanks Joe & Team!!



Thanks alot guys. I appreciate you taking the time. I had not heard that you finally got the inspector on our side!!! That is great news. For all you out in Milton please let us know if your inspectors are giving you a hard time with spray foam as a vapour barrier. This is Great news and good luck with the rest of your renovations.



Clarke: Scarborough On, Basement and Crawlspace Walls & Headers 


I received five quotes from various companies, but Joe (from Green Earth Foam) was the only one who stuck around to talk to me about the product and safety issues (we have a toddler and were concerned about him breathing in hazardous chemicals).


He was also the only one to give me honest answers about what I REALLY needed. Where everyone else told me to spray foam everything they could see, Joe was honest about what need to be sprayed and what doesn't. In addition to this, his prices were very competitive, and he gave us a few solutions to help us work within our budget.


Joe and his crew have performed two installations for us now. They performed the installations with no hassle and the jobs look great. The basement and the rooms above the crawl spaces are much warmer. Do not hesitate to call Green Earth.



Thanks Clarke, this is a really great review. It was a pleasure working with you and we are glad to hear that your rooms are warmer. About the honesty ... well I would hope that any contractor that my wife and I hire would be honest and help us stay within budget, so why shouldn't we at Green Earth do the same for our customers. Thanks again, Joe and Crew at Green Earth Foam.


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