Polarfoam 7300-0 Soya


At Green Earth, Our main product Polarfoam 7300-0 Soya, is currently the best medium density closed cell spray foam product in the Canadian market.  It is also manufactured by a great Canadian Company named Demilec Inc and designed to handle our cold winters and hot humid summers. 


Polarfoam 7300-0 Soya is environmentally friendly and still provides the same benefits as the previous less eco-friendly version.  This product is manufactured using Recycled Plastic and annually renewing Soya bean.  This green combination helps achieve the government mandate of Zero Ozone Depletion during the installation process.


Polarfoam 7300-0 Soya is a two part Eco-Friendly, 2lb closed cell, medium density Spray Foam Insulation.  The reason we spray this product is quite simple.  It has the highest long term R-value per inch and the highest flame resistance out of all the legal foams currently available in Canada (please contact us if you would like a copy of our product data sheet).  


Demilec started selling this Zero ozone depletion product 6 years before any other company in Canada.  Since our product has been in the market for so long, we have completed more engineering studies and have received more building code approvals that any other product.  For a copy of our engineering reports please contact us by phone or email.


The major Bennefits of installing Polarfoam 7300-0 Soya are:


  • Stop air leakage
  • Save on both heating and air-conditioning
  • Save an average of 50% on monthly energy bills 
  • Eliminate mold, mildew and common airborn irritants (ie pollen) 
  • Increase the structural integrity of your home 
  • Prevent the intrusion of rodents and pests 
  • Increase the overall comfort of your home 
  • Decrease your global carbon footprint

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